Membership 2024


Your Club Membership can be registered and paid online here by Credit Card, Debit Card (such as Laser, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)

Subscribe online to have your own Account, where full details on your Membership will always be available to you.

Before paying membership fees you MUST make contact with the a club representative (Club Registrar) to find out if there is space in the agegroup (s) of interest to you.

Paying membership before permission to join is sought will result in the membership fee being refunded. If you contact a coach of the representative agegroup they must direct you to the club registrar.

Please click on the “REGISTER NOW” button below.

Perhaps when paying your membership you might consider buying an online lotto ticket option. Yearly, 6 monthly, 10 weeks, 3 lines for a fiver, or just a single €2 flutter. It all goes towards helping the club development.

For season 2024 as part of a review and efforts to streamline the handling of payments our Membership will incorporate a ‘Training Fee’ add-on.

The training fee is based on the weekly rental costs of facilities such as MDL, Aura, Simonstown, etc…., and the number of sessions undertaken away from Powderly Park. (based on 1 session per week per team) with a standardized start and finish to using these rented facilities.

This will remove the need to be rooting around for those coins before training. It will also take the burden off coaches and allow them to further focus more on sessions.

It is a fair and equitable means of ensuring everyone contributes their share.

(a review of payment of referee fees will be undertaken in 2024)