FAI Summer Soccer School @Torro Utd

We are delighted to announce that Torro United AFC will be hosting a FAI Summer Soccer School this Summer 2019. Dates are 29 July – 02 August. We will host a mainstream camp and a goalkeeper camp if there is enough interest.

We currently have have 42 places left open on our Mainstream section and 8 places left on our Goalkeeping section.

If your child is a budding Alison or DeGea why not send them to the dedicated goalkeeping section. They get the benefit of goalkeeping skills in the morning and then join the mainstream camp in the afternoons to put their new skills to the test as keepers in the mainstream camp games so they are not away from other friends for the entire camp which is a commom misconception.

Camp is currently at 71% Capacity. So get a move on!

We are the latest club to join the ever increasing number of FAI camps in Meath region.

Follow the link below to book your childs place.